Asian Legal Business is proud to announce that it has published the 2021 edition of its popular Hong Kong IPO Handbook.

The ALB Hong Kong IPO handbook 2021 provides guidance to companies on solving the variety of issues they will face in their listing journey in Hong Kong. The IPO Handbook features a number of requirements that a company needs to address during its listings journeys, with advice provided by experts who have been offering IPO-related services for many years and have the most up-to-date knowhow.

These includes:

• Key requirements for a listing in Hong Kong

• Chapter 18A and other guidance

• The IPO application process

• Selecting your financial printer, due diligence service provider and receiving bank, among others

• Choosing your offshore listing vehicle

• Post-listing compliance obligations

And More.

The list of contributors and supporting organizations include Appleby, Avista Group, CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Datasite, DeHeng Law Offices, Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited, Ince & Co, Jingtian & Gongcheng LLP, ONC Lawyers, PacGate, Reed Smith LLP, RPC, ShineWing, Sovereign Trust (Hong Kong) Limited, Stephenson Hardwood, The Core Group, Toppan Merrill and Tricor Services Limited.

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《ALB 香港首次公开上市手册 2021》旨在为公司在香港上市道路上可能遇到的一系列问题提供指引。本手册涉及公司在上市过程中需要达到的各方面要求,并特邀有多年IPO相关业务经验及最新业内情报的专家提供有益建议。


• 赴香港上市的关键性要求

• 18A章节及其他关于生物科技企业IPO的指导

• IPO申请全流程

• 选择金融印刷商、尽调服务商及收款银行

• 选择离岸上市工具

• 企业上市后合规责任


撰稿机构和支持组织包括:毅柏律师事务所、艾华迪集团 、招商永隆银行有限公司、通商律师事务所、Datasite、德恒律师事务所、香港交易及结算所有限公司、英士律师事务所、竞天公诚律师事务所、ONC柯伍陈律师事务所、百宸律师事务所、礼德齐伯礼律师行、RPC、信永中和、Sovereign、罗夏信律师事务所、核聚集团、凸版美林、卓佳(香港)。

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  2. 请确保提供正确信息。我们将不对私人邮箱地址发送该《手册》;
  3. ALB保留最终决定是否向您发送该《手册》电子版的权利。 
Foreword Welcome to Hong Kong, the World’s Leading IPO Centre
Chapter 1 Key requirements for a listing in Hong Kong: Main board listing requirements and GEM listing requirements
Chapter 2

Chapter 18A and other guidance specifically relating to the listing of biotech companies

Chapter 3

The essentiality of valuation in IPO preparation

Guide Considering trust in pre-IPO planning

Chapter 4

IPO application process

Guide Virtual data room

Guide Financial printer & translation service

Guide Small efforts against big risks – Must-have protection for listed companies

Guide Selecting your due diligence service provider

Chapter 5 Common accounting and audit issues in an IPO
Chapter 6 An integrated financial services provided by receiving bank
Chapter 7 Managing the IPO application process
Chapter 8 Specific listing issues
Chapter 9

Choosing your offshore listing vehicle: Key factors to consider

Guide Share registrar - Hong Kong

Chapter 10

Corporate governance

Guide Equity incentive plans- The key points of implementation and management

Chapter 11 Post-listing compliance obligations
Chapter 12

Listed company compliance issues

Chapter 13 Risk management and internal control systems for listed companies
Chapter 14 Case study: Hong Kong IPO - red-chip restructuring paths and related legal issues


  前言 欢迎来到香港:世界领先的新股集资中心

第一章 香港上市关键要求:主板及GEM上市要求




指导 在首次公开募股前的规划中考虑加入信托



指导 虚拟数据库

指导 财经印刷商和翻译服务

指导 小功夫防御大风险——上市企业必备的护体神功

指导 选择尽职调查服务供应商

第五章 首次公开发售的一般会计及审计问题
第六章 收款银行的选择
第七章 IPO项目的上市过程
第八章 具体上市事宜
第九章 选择离岸上市主体的关键考虑因素


指导 股权激励—不可不知的执行与管理重点

第十一章 发行人持续责任


第十三章 上市公司的风险管理与内部监控系统
第十四章 案例分享:港股IPO之红筹重组路径及相关法律问题