How would you describe your disputes strategy? Can you describe 1-2 interesting cases where you thought out of the box to deliver a win to your client?

I believe the most effective strategy in dispute resolution is to explain the client’s position to the court or arbitral tribunal in a clear and comprehensive manner. As part of this strategy, our policy is not to hide or distort facts that may potentially be unfavourable to our client’s case, but devise arguments and rebuttals based on common sense and fairness. It is not possible for all of the client’s decision-making to be completely logical or flawless in hindsight in its extended dealings with the counterparty. As such, a dispute lawyer needs to develop a sensical and coherent position for the client. This was the strategy used for Wemade’s KCAB arbitration (with the largest award in KCAB’s history granted to Wemade) together with multiple court proceed-ings for the same client and KORES’ KCAB arbitration involving the biggest mining project in Madagascar.

Clients today have higher requirements when it comes to the services they receive from their lawyers. Can you provide an example or two of how you went the extra mile for your clients?

In serving my clients, I have always focused on identifying what is truly in their best interest and ensuring the client’s accurate understanding of this. To this end, I try not to limit my advice to just legal theories, but adopt a business mindset in my discussions with the clients, based on a keen understanding of their needs and objectives. I believe this approach has allowed me deliver results that exceed the client’s initial expectations.

What motto do you live by?

My personal motto as the Managing Partner of KL Partners is “People are everything.” When starting the new law firm in 2015, I vowed to make things FRESH (Fundamental, Resilience, Ecosystem, Sustainability, and Human talents): that is, I am committed to creating a resilient and sustainable organization centered on talented people with the proper system that enables the continued strengthening of the fundamentals.

Beomsu Kim

Beomsu Kim
Managing Partner

KL Partners
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